Seiin / Chobei Aiba the 10th

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Size: 50 cm (length) X 35 cm (width)
Material: Madake bamboo, Japanese paper, gold leaf

Kyo-uchiwa fan is characterized by its’ Sashigara ‘structure, in which the face and handle of the fan are made separately and the handle is inserted later.
It has its roots in the ‘gosho uchiwa’ (palace fans) used in the Imperial Court, and the patterns are often gold-colored lacquer.
The elegant taste is attractive.

This work was created by Chobei Aiba, the current head of the Kyoto fans’ Aiba ‘and the 10th generation of the traditional craftsman.
This is a work made with traditional techniques.

At Aiba, everything is done by hand, from the processing of the bamboo that forms the bones of the fan to the pasting and finishing of the paper.
Bamboo was made in four to five years in Tanba and paper was made from handmade kozo paper in Echizen and Yao.
The handle part is made of Tsuga (Japanese hemlock) and Japanese cedar, and is made from domestic materials.

Chobei Aiba the 10th
Founded in 1689, he is the current head of the Kyoto Uchiwa (Japanese fan) company, Aiba.
The seventh generation became the first to specialize in Uchiwa fans, and has continued to produce Kyo Uchiwa fans that carry on the tradition of Gosho Uchiwa. “Since the seventh generation, the shop has been specializing in Uchiwa fans and has continued to produce Kyoto Uchiwa fans that carry on the tradition of the Gosho Uchiwa.