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arTradition Terms

This agreement stipulates various rules for buying and selling works through “ar Tradition” sponsored by the Handwoven Technology Promotion Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation”). Please read it carefully in advance and understand each clause before participating. When a bid is made on a work by the Foundation and a sales contract is concluded, the relevant person and related parties are deemed to have agreed to this agreement. However, if there is a separate contract or agreement with the Foundation, that contract or agreement will take precedence.

1. Bidding for the auction is limited to those who have already registered for participation. In the unlikely event that someone other than the registrant participates in the auction and makes a successful bid for the item, the registrant is responsible for paying for the item. In principle, anyone who is registered can participate in the auction, but we may refuse to participate at the discretion of the Foundation.

2. Prior reference information is the evaluation and opinion of the Foundation, and does not constitute the basis for buying and selling. In addition, the photograph of the work is used only as a guide for judgment, and does not accurately convey the color tone or color of the actual product. Therefore, the Foundation has no legal obligation regarding reference information.

3. You can participate in the auction online in real time. It is assumed that the lot you want to purchase cannot be sold for the following reasons or that you will make a wrong bid, but the Foundation will not be held responsible for any reason.

    • In case of line interruption, trouble with this system or the server on which this system is installed, etc.
    • In case of erroneous input or operation

4. “arTradition” is operated by auction method by registered participants, and Japanese yen is displayed and settled currency. The Foundation will charge 10% of the winning bid amount as a winning bid fee from the winning bidder for each lot number.

5. The winning bidder will be the highest bidder who finally bid on the site within the auction time. At this point, a sales contract is concluded between the seller acting on behalf of the Foundation and the winning bidder. When requested by the Foundation, the winning bidder may be asked to sign and seal the successful bid confirmation prescribed by the Foundation after it makes a successful bid. In the event of a dispute over the winning bid amount of the winning lot and the winning bidder, it shall be his sole decision based solely on the records of the Foundation. If you make a successful bid, you cannot cancel it for any reason, including the condition of the work and amount.

6. The total amount, which is the sum of the winning bid amount of the winning lot and the winning bid fee of 10%, is the purchase price paid by the winning bidder to the Foundation. The winning bidder must pay the full purchase price with a credit card, or for payments of 10 million yen or more, must pay to the designated account within 1 day of the auction.

7. When the payment of the full purchase price is confirmed by the Foundation, the ownership of the winning bid lot will be returned to the winning bidder, and the sale will be completed by the delivery of the winning bid lot. The foundation will ask the seller’s selected contractor to arrange the packing and delivery of the winning bidder at the highest bidder’s expense (payment of the total charge of packing cost and shipping cost), but the responsibility for selecting the contractor Will not bear any responsibility.

8. The highest bidder is responsible for all risk of loss for the winning bid lot after payment is completed. If you would like to insure the lot after it makes a successful bid with the insured amount based on the highest bidder’s own judgment, please contact the Foundation and insure at your own expense and arrangement. However, the Foundation or the exhibitor will keep and insure it free of charge until the delivery is completed, but the maximum deadline is 14 days, which is the deadline for payment and delivery. In addition, if the Foundation undertakes the packing and delivery of the winning bidder, we will do our best to safely deliver it to the winning bidder, but we will be obliged to repair and compensate even if the forehead, glass, etc. are damaged. Please note that there is no such thing. In addition, when shipping the winning bid lot overseas, the Foundation will not insure it at all, so the highest bidder must insure it at his own expense and arrangement.

9. Works include works using ivory, crocodile leather, tortoiseshell, bones, fur, and coral, which are regulated by the “Act on Conservation of Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora Species”. It is prohibited to export those works abroad. In addition, international shipping is not possible to countries / regions where import / export is restricted. When you make a successful bid for these works, they will all be picked up by our foundation or shipped domestically.

10. If the winning bidder does not pay the full purchase price even after the payment deadline, the winning bidder will pay the foundation from the day after the payment deadline until the payment is completed. You must pay the delinquent damages at an annual rate of 14.6% in addition to the purchase price.

11. If the payment deadline has passed and the successful bidder is notified of the full payment of the purchase price, but the payment is not made, the foundation reserves the right to cancel the sales contract with the successful bidder. In addition, if the payment notice sent to the address registered with the Foundation is absent, the new address is unknown, or the receipt is refused, the Foundation will not intend to fulfill the sales contract. We consider it and reserve the right to cancel the sales contract. The sales contract shall be canceled regardless of the recipient’s address unknown or refusal to receive when the Foundation sends the cancellation notice to the registered address of the winning bidder.

In this case, the Foundation may revoke the rights of the winning bidder as a member without any obligation.

12. If the sales contract is canceled, the successful bidder who has canceled the contract loses all rights to the winning bid lot, and the Foundation will auction the lot again without notifying the winning bidder or a third party. I reserve the right to sell to. If the purchase price in the re-auction or the sale price in the sale is less than the purchase price that the winning bidder was supposed to pay, the Foundation will cover the winning bidder with the difference and all costs incurred due to default. We reserve the right to claim damages.

We exclusively agree that the Kyoto District Court and the Kyoto District Court shall be the courts of first instance for all proceedings relating to this clause.