Collections (TBC)

  • Lacquered Japanese paper Gold leaf Cedar Art panel

  • Wood carving Gosho ningyo“Taishi”
    Shogoro Ito

  • Tea Utensil
    Takahiro Kondo and Akira Yamada

  • Sukiya Bag
    Kyoji Tamiya

  • Den
    Kyoji Tamiya

  • Silk Leather Bag
    Fabric Design: Kyoji Tamiya Bag Design: Jerome Schmidt

Person of Cultural Merit / Member of Japan Art Academy Charity Auction

Implementing organizations: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Art Academy, Japan Arts Council

Works to be sold, providers (honorific titles omitted, in alphabetical order)

  • A collection of essays signed "Literature is practical learning."
    Yoji Arakawa

  • Signed CD "Bouquet of Violin", "Modern works using educational instruments"
    Shintaro Ikebe.

  • "The World of Toyo Ito"
    Toyo Ito

  • "Shino Zogansai Sagiso Binsu"
    Masayuki Imai

  • Woodblock print"Sea bream"
    Hiroshi Okutani

  • Sculptures"Rainbow・MISORA "
    Mineo Kanbe

  • Card for Autographs
    Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

  • MODE Picture
    Junko Koshino

  • MODE Picture
    Junko Koshino

  • Antique shawl
    Shoji Kojima

  • Oil painting "Asafuji"
    Tetsu Sato

  • Lithography "Cosmos of Shimokita"
    Rotaro Sugi

  • Card for Autographs "Sennen Midori"
    Genshitsu Sen

  • Woodblock print"Outan no Ten"
    Shu Takahashi

  • Stained Glass by Louis Fransen "morning glory"
    Hiaso Taki.

  • Nihonga" Memories of the Trip The Small Wild Goose Pagoda"
    Toshio Tabuchi

  • Card for Autographs "Shdenki no Taka"
    Tetsuya Chiba

  • 5-Pack CD Box with signature
    Shunichi Tokura

  • "Wind"
    Teiji Nakai

  • Woodblock print  "Day I can't remember"
    Gyoji Nomiyama

  • Illustration"The Universe of A Cat and A Boy"
    Moto Hagio

  • Signed book "Hanano Kabuki Yomoyama Banashi"
    Moto Hagio

  • Etching "Clown"
    Mokoshi Yoko.

  • Etching " Play in the Field"
    Mokoshi Yoko.

  • nihonga" Gessho"
    Masayuki Murai

    Kunihiko Moriguchi

  • Flower Vase
    Taimei Morino

  • Oil painting" Avenue of Trees"
    Tei Yamamoto

  • Oil painting" Souyou
    Fimihiko Yamamoto

  • Shikishi "Yume Ichigo", Kon Ichikawa x Sayuri Yoshinaga DVD -BOX (4 discs)
    Sayuri Yoshinaga


Event Overview

Event title 3nd arTradition
Date and hours Friday, October 22, 2021 Holding time 18: 00-19: 30
Organizer: Handwoven Technology Promotion Foundation
Co-organizers: Kyoto Prefecture , Kyoto City
Sponsorship: Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Support: Art Tokyo Association


About arTradition

arTradition is an online auction platform handling new artworks created when contemporary artists meet the expertise of Kyoto’s traditional crafts passed down through generations.

In recent years, traditional crafts are increasingly recognized as a new possibility for contemporary art by applying exceptional craftmanship and perfection of materials both domestically and internationally. In order to carry on the momentum towards new challenge amongst and after the COVID-19 pandemic, arTradition aspire to exhibit the value of Kyoto’s traditional enterprise globally through this online auction.

By feeling the texture and aesthetics of contemporary artworks created with Kyoto’s traditional craftmanship, we hope to offer an insight into the profound culture of “monozukuri” deep-rooted in the nature of the city.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a membership to participate?
A. Yes, pre-membership registration (free of charge) is required for bidding. However, the first program will be distributed on Youtube Live, and anyone can watch it without registration.
Q. If you make a successful bid, please tell me the total amount billed.
A. The winning bid + tax + winning bid fee is 10%. In addition, you will be responsible for the shipping fee (cash on delivery fee + shipping fee + shipping insurance fee) by cash on delivery. Shipping costs will vary depending on the work and region.
Q. Can I buy with cash?
A. Cash purchases are not possible. Payment method is credit card or bank transfer.
However, if you pay 10 million yen or more, it will be a bank transfer.
Q. If I make a successful bid, what should I do to pay?
A. Please pay by credit card immediately after it makes a successful bid, or select credit card or bank transfer in My Page within 10 days and pay.
The seller will contact you directly regarding shipping and shipping of the item.
n addition, overdue damages may be incurred if the payment deadline has passed. Please see the terms of use for details.
arTradition Terms
Q. How much is the shipping fee?
A. Please check here.About packing and shipping of successful bid works
Q. I would like to make a telephone bid.
A. We do not accept phone calls. Please bid from this site.
Q. How fast will the auction proceed after it starts?
A. The first exhibition will be 27 works in 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Q. Is it possible to purchase works that have not been sold after the auction?
A. If the unsuccessful bid is put up for sale in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, you can purchase it.
Q. Is it compatible with mobile devices?
A. We do. You can browse on your own smartphone, laptop, or tablet. However, please note that it may not be displayed correctly depending on the model.
Q. Does my ID and password change every time?
A. There is no change in ID and password.
Q. Can I go to the venue on the day of the auction?
A. ar Tradition is a complete online auction. However, we will deliver Youtube Live to introduce the state of the auction.